Cs504 Assignment 1 Solution 2015 Form

CS504 - Software Engineering - I
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1. The number __________ is the most abused symbol in programs written in C or C++.
My Answer:0 - page 169

2. _________________ architectural model is widely used in mainframe application. 
My Answer:Repository Model (TUKKA)

3. The form for (;;) should be used for 
My Answer: empty loop- page 159

4. “Description of communicating objects and classes that are customized to solve a general design problem in a particular context.” is called ---------- 
My Answer:Design Pattren - page 137

5.MVC stands for --------------- 
My Answer:Model View Controller-page 140

6.In the classical thin-client architecture, the entire processing is carried-out by ----------- 
My Answer:Single server-page130

7. It ensures that a class only has one instance and provides a global point of access to it. 
My Answer:Singleton Pattern - 142

8.Which of the following is not a possible server in client server environment? 
My Answer:Time Server (TUKKA)

9.Names representing methods and functions should be----and written in mixed case starting with -----case. 
My Answer:Verb----lower- 150

10.Goto statements violate the idea of 
My Answer:-structured code 161

STA301 Assignment No.1

Your Assignment must be uploaded/ submitted before or on 9th Nov, 2016

STA301 Assignment Rules for Marking

It should be clear that your Assignment will not get any credit IF:
• The Assignment submitted, via email, after due date.
• The submitted Assignment is not found as MS Word document file.
• There will be unnecessary, extra or irrelevant material.
• The Statistical notations/symbols are not well-written i.e., without using MathType software.
• The Assignment will be copied from handouts, internet or from any other student’s file. Copied material (from handouts, any book or by any website) will be awarded ZERO MARKS. It is PLAGIARISM and an Academic Crime.
• The medium of the course is English. Assignment in Urdu or Roman languages will not be accepted.
• Assignment means Comprehensive yet precise accurate details about the given topic quoting different sources (books/articles/websites etc.). Do not rely only on handouts. You can take data/information from different authentic sources (like books, magazines, website etc) BUT express/organize all the collected material in YOUR OWN WORDS. Only then you will get good marks.

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Objective(s) of STA301 Assignment:

• The assignment is being uploaded to strengthen the students’ BASIC concepts about statistics.
• Practice for arranging and displaying already collected data into an organized form, using given statistical method.
• Make students able to understand the concept of Presentation of data.

 STA301 Assignment.1 (Lessons 1-5)

 STA301 Assignment Question 1: Marks: 2.5+2.5=5

Calculate the relative frequencies, percentage relative frequencies from the following table.
Classes Frequencies
60-64 2
65-69 1
70-74 2
75-79 7
80-84 2
85-89 7
90-94 4
95-99 9

Assignment Question 2: Marks: 5+5=10

Construct the (i) Frequency polygon (ii) Ogive for the following distribution:

Class Limit 8-12 13-17 18-22 23-27 28-32
Frequency 5 1 3 6 5

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