Montag And Beatty Compare And Contrast Essay

Compare and Contrast Montag and Beatty



Compare and Contrast Montag and Beatty

Charlie Trainum
Core 4
F451: Compare and contrast Montag and Beatty

In the novel, Fahrenheit 451, there are differences and similarities between Montag and Beatty.  One is their level of knowledge of books.  Another is their feelings.  The last is their feelings on their jobs.  These are several differences and similarities between Montag and Beatty.

One difference between Montag and Beatty is their knowledge of books.  Montag has little knowledge of the "meaning" of books while Beatty knows about their meaning.  Their "meaning" is less than nothing.  They kept getting less used and more and more minorities didnt like several of them. (we cant have any minorities sad, can we?) Beatty thinks that, due to books "meaning," all books make no sense while Montag doesnt believe him and thinks (and finds out) that books have real meaning.  Like I said, Montag and Beatty have different knowledge of books.

Another difference between Montag and Beatty are their feeling.  Montag is a determined person.  Beatty seems to be strong.  But, in the end, Beatty finally wants to end his life, hes given up.  Montag feels that the world has lost half of its feelings.  Beatty doesnt, hes part of that world.  Their feelings are different is ways.  

The last thing that I will compare is the way that Montag and Beatty feel about their jobs.  Montag and Beatty, throughout 1/3 of the novel, feel about burning books and their houses.  Once somebody gets burned, Montag starts changing his attitude.  He doesnt want to burn anymore.  Its kind of ironic that Beatty was done in while burning a house.  Those are the differences and similarities about their jobs and the feelings that go with it.

Ive shown several different things.  One was their level of "knowledge" on books.  The second was their feelings.  The third was their feelings about their jobs, being a fireman.  Their are differences and similarities that are too numerous to mention in any report.    

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Guy Montag -  A third-generation fireman who suddenly realizes the emptiness of his life and starts to search for meaning in the books he is supposed to be burning. Though he is sometimes rash and has a hard time thinking for himself, he is determined to break free from the oppression of ignorance. He quickly forms unusually strong attachments with anyone who seems receptive to true friendship. His biggest regret in life is not having a better relationship with his wife.

Read an in-depth analysis of Guy Montag.

Mildred Montag -  Montag’s brittle, sickly looking wife. She is obsessed with watching television and refuses to engage in frank conversation with her husband about their marriage or her feelings. Her suicide attempt, which she refuses even to acknowledge, clearly indicates that she harbors a great deal of pain. Small-minded and childish, Mildred does not understand her husband and apparently has no desire to do so.

Read an in-depth analysis of Mildred Montag.

Captain Beatty -  The captain of Montag’s fire department. Although he is himself extremely well-read, paradoxically he hates books and people who insist on reading them. He is cunning and devious, and so perceptive that he appears to read Montag’s thoughts.

Read an in-depth analysis of Captain Beatty.

Professor Faber -  A retired English professor whom Montag encountered a year before the book opens. Faber still possesses a few precious books and aches to have more. He readily admits that the current state of society is due to the cowardice of people like himself, who would not speak out against book burning when they still could have stopped it. He berates himself for being a coward, but he shows himself capable of acts that require great courage and place him in considerable danger.

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Clarisse McClellan -  A beautiful seventeen-year-old who introduces Montag to the world’s potential for beauty and meaning with her gentle innocence and curiosity. She is an outcast from society because of her odd habits, which include hiking, playing with flowers, and asking questions, but she and her (equally odd) family seem genuinely happy with themselves and each other.

Granger -  The leader of the “Book People,” the group of hobo intellectuals Montag finds in the country. Granger is intelligent, patient, and confident in the strength of the human spirit. He is committed to preserving literature through the current Dark Age.

Mrs. Phelps -  One of Mildred’s vapid friends. She is emotionally disconnected from her life, appearing unconcerned when her third husband is sent off to war. Yet she breaks down crying when Montag reads her a poem, revealing suppressed feelings and sensibilities.

Mrs. Bowles -  One of Mildred’s friends. Like Mrs. Phelps, she does not seem to care deeply about her own miserable life, which includes one divorce, one husband killed in an accident, one husband who commits suicide, and two children who hate her. Both of Mildred’s friends are represented as typical specimens of their society.

Stoneman and Black -  Two firemen who work with Montag. They share the lean, shadowed look common to all firemen and go about their jobs unquestioningly.

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