Bus 475 Week 2 Team Assignment Includes

2 Peer Review Analysis In an effort to assist each other in building the best possible Business Model and Strategic Plan for each organization, we will utilize peer review of our team members’ individual assignments. This constructive feedback will then be incorporated into the proceeding drafts for edification, as well as to contribute to our learning environment. During week three, we focused on Tamika Brown and Sharon Hanes assignments for peer review. For this assignment the members of Team D were required to select a company and develop a new product/ service as well as create a mission, business model, and strategic plan for that new product. Tamika wrote about Things Remembered while Sharon’s chose Hewlett Packard. While both of these companies differ in the markets targeted both team members were effective in addressing how the new product or service would better expand current services provided. Each

STRATEGIC PLAN, SWOTT PART II 2 Strategic Plan, SWOTT Part II Those interested in the sweeter things in life Sweet Creations is the accurate place to look for. Sweet Creations is a sweeterie where through different confections and paper creations are brought to the customer in a new light. The main focus and achievement of Sweet Creations is to balance the sweeter side of things with the gift giving side. Beside a ray of products one can find there in the confection side, there will be also different products like handmade cards, altered gifts, and homemade candles as well. Here through a SWOTT analysis, the internal/external analysis of Sweet Creations in relation to forces and trends which are economic, legal/regulatory, technological, innovation, strategy, structure, resources, and last but not least culture. SWOTT Analysis To conduct a proper and appropriate SWOTT analysis of Sweet Creations certain questions related to the strengths of the company, the resources that it has, the pros and cons of the company, its position and strength in the market and its competition are required to be answered. Beside these, the company needs to assess which factors may cause a loss in its sales and revenue. It is also required to pay close attention to the feelings of the customers from an internal and external perspective. To figure out the future opportunities for Sweet Creations it is essential to discover the strengths and weaknesses of the company first. The questions related to patterns of customers’ purchasing trends, technological changes and market trends and how the company can deal with all these will assist in assessing the opportunities of the company. By assessing the strengths

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