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If your specialty is hair, nails, and makeup, writing a cover letter may seem like it’s outside of your wheelhouse, but the truth is that people from every sector and level of experience often struggle with the task. You can get a leg up on the competition by consulting our professional cosmetologist cover letter sample for guidance and advice. It can help you better understand the purpose, which is to demonstrate your motivation in seeking the job, as well as how to tailor it to your industry. The latter is important to demonstrate your competency to the reader and provide them with the reason for your application, which they will not find on your resume.

Professional Cosmetologist Cover Letter Sample

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Cosmetologist Cover Letter Must-Haves

The professional cosmetologist cover letter sample presented here incorporates many of the elements that are essential to a cover letter for the cosmetology industry. A format following the general pattern of including a salutation, three paragraph body, and closing is a good idea for your letter, and it creates an appropriate length. Important details to include are why you chose to apply for the position, what attracted you to the job and company, and what experience makes you the right candidate. In doing so, you should always covey a professional tone through clean and concise phrasing as well as impactful work choice. These guidelines will help you make your cover letter as beautiful as the work you plan to do.

Best Action Verbs for a Cosmetologist Cover Letter

To craft a cover letter as engaging as the professional cosmetologist cover letter sample found above, you should use strong action words such as beautified, created, helped, served, connected, improved, impressed, and innovated.

Cover Letter Text

Dear Patricia Johns,

I am writing in response to your job posting for an open cosmetologist position at Patty’s Beauty Emporium. I graduated from Regional Beauty School last year and have worked in various roles in the field since, accumulating experience and developing my specialty as a hair stylist. I believe my education and experience make me ideal for the position.The job posting detailed your search for a cosmetologist who specializes in both hair and nails. Though the latter is my primary professional focus, I am also a proficient manicurist, and I have licensure in both disciplines. My prior experience at Lemontown Hair and Nails developed my skills not only in cosmetology but in customer service and retail management. One of the benefits that attracted me to this position most was the mention in the job posting that Patty’s Beauty Emporium offers a number of career advancement opportunities.The prospect of developing my expertise in hair and nails is exciting, but the possibility of advancement at Patty’s Beauty Emporium is even more enticing. I hope to discuss my qualifications with you further to show why I would be an asset to your team. Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and consider my application.


John Doe

Well-qualified cosmetology instructors are always in demand. They prepare students at beauty colleges, vocational schools and technical schools for licensing, and teach them the skills they need. Training to be a beauty instructor is a step forward for many who have already experienced working in the industry and perhaps even run their own salons.

Teaching at well-known schools can pay off financially and be emotionally fulfilling. In order to score these sought-after positions, though, you will need to go through the hiring and interview process. A great job requires a great resume for cosmetology instructor positions.

How to Write a Resume for a Cosmetology Instructor Job

The resume for your position will be somewhat different from the one you’ve used in the past. In addition to highlighting your skills with hair, you’ll also need to offer insight into your skills with students. It is very important to emphasize your ability to understand people and to teach students.

Basic and Contact Information

At the top of your resume, you most likely already have your basic information. You may be able to keep the same information you’ve been using, but there are also things to consider. Some people make mistakes in this section that cost them a chance at a great teaching position.

The most common thing people do is to overlook including a way to contact them. Even if you’ve included a business card or put your phone number and email address on your cover letter, include it again on your resume. Including both is a good idea, too. Some people would rather call perspective instructors while others prefer sending emails.

Another thing that commonly happens here is that people use an email address that does not appear to be professional. Using an email address that is your name is a good idea, but including an address with a silly nickname or inappropriate words is not. You also probably want to check your ring back tone for incoming calls and your voicemail greeting to ensure they are appropriate for professional calls.

Objective, Skills and Qualifications

The Objective section of a resume is perhaps the most frequently misused section of any resume. Many people simply describe their objective as getting a job. However, this is a great place to highlight your skills and experience instead.

Next, it’s time to look at your skills and qualifications. Because cosmetology instructors begin as experienced cosmetologists, you no doubt have your own specialties where you excel. You are expertly qualified to teach these techniques to beauty college students, so be sure to include them. Don’t forget to include skills that emphasize your leadership or teaching ability.

Formal Training

As a certified beauty school instructor, you have completed both training as a cosmetologist as well as a cosmetology instructor. You will include this schooling on your resume. List it, beginning with the program you’ve most recently completed.

You will need to list the school where you received your instructor training, the dates and your graduation date. Next, include the same information about where you received your cosmetology degree. Then, include your high school and graduation date.

Lastly, you should include information about your licenses and certifications. List your original award date, expiration date and the state where you hold your cosmetology and cosmetologist instructor licenses. Don’t forget to add any specialty courses with certifications you’ve completed.

Professional Experience

The last section on your resume should highlight your professional experience. This will include where you have worked since you became licensed as a cosmetologist. Again, begin with the most recent.

First, list the company name and the dates when you worked there. Next, use bullet points to describe the experience you gained while working with the employer. It is especially important to highlight any experience you have with leadership or teaching. Did you supervise apprentices or train new employees? Be sure to include these details.

You can also include some experience from your instructor training program in this section. Required skills such as curriculum development may have been reinforced through projects in a salon or with another organization. Include these here if you don’t have any other leadership or supervisory experience.

Evergreen Beauty School offers a cosmetology instructor certification program on our three Washington State campuses. We even offer a flexible schedule and financial aid for students who qualify. Let us help you get started on the next step in your cosmetology career today.

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