Smart City Kakinada Essay Topics

Sterlite Tech has bagged the mandate to serve as master systems integrater for the Smart City project in the port town of Kakinada in Andhra Pradesh.

Sterlite will design, build and manage the systems for the Kakinada Smart City for the next six years.

Kakinada was chosen among the first 20 cities in the first phase of the Smart City Mission. The project aims to bring transformational changes in the life of over 3.25 lakh citizens of Kakinada, through real-time governance and efficient delivery of citizen services.

S Aleem Basha, Commissioner, Kakinada Municipal Corporation, said, “Our aim for Kakinada is to improve mobility, enhance public safety and security, and introduce data-driven decision-making. Sterlite Tech will bring smarter network technologies to this high-tech Smart City project.”

Sujay Arun J, CEO, Kakinada Smart City Corporation Limited said, “As part of the Kakinada Smart City project, we have envisaged several pan-city and area-based development initiatives, with a focus on both infrastructure and ICT advancements across the city and at strategic locations.”

The Smart City related ICT solutions include Command Control Centre, CCTV surveillance, Wi-Fi, automatic number-plate recognition, face detection, waste and disaster management, among other platforms. It seeks to bring together many technologies including a IoT platform, LoRa-based city-wide wireless sensor network and disaster management systems.

K S Rao, COO, Telecom Products and Services, Sterlite Tech, said, “The Kakinada Smart City Corporation network backbone will form the pillar for stronger communications between the city officials and citizens of Kakinada.”

Sterlite Tech is currently managing operations in Gandhinagar and Jaipur Smart Cities. With a portfolio of 146 patents and presence in over 100 countries, the company designs, builds and manages broadband networks through its integrated offerings across products, services and software solutions.

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Three cities of Andhra Pradesh, Kakinada, Tirupati and Vizag have been shortlisted in the phase 1 ‘Smart city Challenge’ conducted by the Center. 20 cities will once again be shortlisted and will be given a funding of Rs 500 Cr to become the smart cities of India. While Tirupati and Vizag have applied some innovative ways to gather more support for their respective journeys, Kakinada has taken a more novel path.

A Facebook page by the name SmartKakinada has been created. Kakinada Municipal Corporation has jump started the promotion via this medium by conducting some heart warming events and campaigns. Only recently, a special essay writing competition was conducted for the visually impaired students. Nearly 22 students from the Greenfield School for the Blind at Timmapuram located on the city outskirts have come forward to convert their ideas into scripts by using Braille language.

“Cities like Mangalore are ahead of other cities with regard to social media interaction with their citizens, which is prompting us to reach out to the public in a different manner,” S. Aleem Basha, Commissioner, KMC said while speaking to the media.

More such novel ways of reaching out are being planned by KMC to publicize their prospects with the Smart City Challenge.

You too can be a part of Kakinada’s journey to become one of the smart cities of the country. Just like their Facebook page to get started.

Click here to be a part of SmartKakinada



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