F2000 Assignment

Jump Master Dog Tag Broken

Land on top of the tallest in Caspain or Firestorm, did that. Showed it completed at end of round. Next round its gone. Same with the 10 kill streak...
This dog tag is broken and I would like it unlocked seeing as I earned it...
Enlisted: 2011-12-25
YA me too..... got the tower and then got 12 kills streak in a tank..... no award.....wtf!!
Enlisted: 2013-02-14
Just completed the assignment.
Platform: xbox 360
I first got the 10 hours completed.

The kill streak is just 10 kills in a row without dying.

Now, from what I have been reading a lot say they have done this and it doesn't stay and so forth. I can verify that also...


Due to the title of the assignment I had a theory that the developers might have came to this challenge for it to be completed in the air and after the 10th kill to parachute on top of the buildings mentioned in the details of the assignment.

I personally did not do it this way, but rather got 10 MBT kills and then, WITHOUT dying (idk if this needed to be the case or not but I did not want to chance it) proceeded to get into the attack heli and parachuted on the tower on Caspian Boarder. I did drop on the very top where the antenna is but it did not give me the assignment. I then dropped to the highest platform and... BING completed.

For those scanning and wanting to see a quick view of how to get this assignment done...

10 Hours must be done first.

10 Kill streak (10 kills without dying) AND Land on top of the tallest tower in Caspian or Firestorm has to be done IN THE SAME MATCH.
Enlisted: 2011-10-25
It appears that when you die your killstreak is reset. At least that happened to me twice. So you not only need to kill 10 guys in a row and land on the tower in one match, but you need to do it in the same life... What kind of bull is that?
What I will try next is landing on the tower first and then getting the 10 killstreak...
It has to be done in a round 10kill and the top tower landing
Enlisted: 2011-10-25
Yeah like I said, I already had a 12 killstreak, died three times while landing and didn't get the assignment completed. Made two kills after that and the killstreak counter was at two, while the landing was checked off.
I will try landing first and then getting the ten killstreak...
Enlisted: 2012-05-01
I've unlocked the m60, f2000 and MTAR and for me those assignments don't show up properly even though I have the guns.
Enlisted: 2011-10-25
Ok I can now confirm the following works:

On Firestorm I started in the Transport chopper and landed with the chopper on the highest platform of the tower. Got out of the chopper just to be safe. Did not need to parachute. That checked of the landing aspect. I committed suicide and redeployed, got a ten killstreak in a tank in a new life, assignment unlocked after the tenth kill.

Therefore, if you plan on doing and want to be safe: do the jump first, then get the killstreak in the same or a new life.
Enlisted: 2013-11-21
In a round.... So same as the F2000 assignment works.
"Always try not to get killed.”
Enlisted: 2011-10-27
This assignment comes up after every match with a kill. It should only come up after playing Firestorm or Caspian since you have to land on those towers and get the streak in the same match. Makes the whole thing confusing and implying a kill streak of 10 on any map will count..NOT.

You have to land early in the match to have enough time to get a kill streak of 10. Given it might take three or more tries to land atop the tower, heli or jet recycle time..And you can't necessarily be "win" focused .I tried to do it several times but haven't done it. Hate it reminding me every match...

Need those two maps on a server with max tickets....
Enlisted: 2011-10-25
...if you land the MAV on top of the tallest points, it counts as well.

The game said I got the award but...

I landed on the Firestorm tower, got in a tank and killed 10 enemies...the Jump Master Dog Tag popped up on the screen. I felt pretty good to get the tag, so in chat I said something to the effect: "Thanks 'PlayerX' after I killed you, I got the Jump Master Dog Tag". It must have been an admin I killed, cuz 5 seconds later I was kicked from the server.

Long story short, I didn't get the Dog Tag...
2 years later and it's still the hardest tag to get...Do the MAV thing and it will work as long as you do it all without dying...Redeploying will screw you so land your mav then get your 10.
F2000 with its unique sight during reload.  

The F2000 is a unique looking bullpup rifle in battlefield 4 that must be unlocked via a special assignment.

Unlock the F2000 by completing the Express Train Assignment

1)Have Second Assault DLC

2)Get two kill assists in a round

3)Get ten kills inside the metro in a round

That’s pretty self explanatory, but just to clarify the 10 kills have to happen inside subway portion of Operation Metro.  It is pretty easy to get ten kills on a 64 player metro conquest match when the game becomes bottlenecked at the escalators.

Once you meet the requirements you’ll get the gun.  One of the unique things about the F2000 is that it comes with its own integrated optic that is unique the weapon.  While the sight has an interesting shape and reticle its housing takes up quite a lot of space.  It is easy to lose the sight of your enemies in it, leaving you vulnerable to counter attack.  That said is a lot better than most iron sights in the game, so it gives you a better start as you unlock your more preferred sights.  

F2000 Sight Reticle

A Few F2000 Stats

A few of the more important stats of the F2000 are that it fires at 850 rounds per minute, and since it shares the same damage model as nearly all the assault rifles it has a very high damage per second.  

The recoil of the F2000 is more than average for the other rifles in its class, probably to balance its high rate of fire.  The reload time is a bit long with 2.7 short and 3.4 long.  For full and current stats check symthic.com

The F2000 is an interesting weapon that can be very good, but does not necessarily outshine guns unlocked by the natural progression of using assault rifles in game.  It might be nice to run with the F2000 instead of the AEK, just to be different, since most everyone who wants to spit out a lot of lead quickly, uses the AEK.    

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