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The sequencing of thousands of genomes, including those related to disease states, interest in proteomics, epigenetics, and variation have resulted in an explosive growth in the number of biological databases, as well as the need to develop new databases to handle the diverse new content being generated. The course focuses on the design of biological databases and examines issues such as those related to heterogeneity, interoperability, complex data structures, evidence, and tool integration. It also surveys a wide range of biological databases and their access tools and enables students to develop proficiency in their use. Databases introduced include genome and sequence databases such as GenBank and Ensembl, as well as protein databases such as PDB and UniProt. Databases related to RNA, sequence variation, pathways and interactions, metagenomics, and epigenomics are also presented. Tools for accessing and manipulating data from databases such as BLAST, genome browsers, multiple sequence alignment, gene finding, and protein tools are reviewed. The programming language Perl is introduced, along with the use of Perl in obtaining data via web services and in storing data in an SQLite database. Students will use Perl, biological databases, and database tools to complete homework assignments and will also design a database. In addition, students will write programs to create their own database as a course project.

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