Examination Should Be Banned Essay

Examinations are a common way to examine students ‘knowledge and abilities of subject at school all over the world. Some people disagree that examinations create competition prepare students for life and should not be abolished. However, experts say that examinations do not measure student knowledge. Examinations may have some drawbacks with regards to pressuring students ‘health; However, in my opinion, examinations should not be abolished, because examination motivates students study hard, helps students to know weaknesses and strengths and give feedback to teachers.

One main reason examinations should not be abolished is that examinations motivate students to study hard. For example, students need good grades to get progress levels and to get into university, so student must study hard for that. Also, it is competing with each other for better grades. High grades make them feel better about themselves and increase confidence. Another reason examination should not be abolished is that it helps students to know their weaknesses and strengths of the subject and tell students what they need to improve on.

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Examinations test students’ abilities in a subject. Thus, students can know what weaknesses and strengths are and if they want to improve their weaknesses they can practice more at home. A final reason is that examinations are good way for teachers to get the feedback of the students’ progress. Examinations are one way for teachers to know how much do students understand the subject and how to help students to improve more, so teacher can design specific exercises for students.

In conclusion while examinations may have some drawbacks with regards to pressuring students’ health. I believe that they should not be abolished as an examination are great motivator for students; showing students merits, short comings and give teachers feedback of students studies. In my view, students need to practice more before examination and attend classes on time to reduce stress from examinations.

School Examinations Should Be Abolished Essay

Examinations, as we know it, have emerged to be the main facet of modern education in the ever-changing landscape of academia. In an education infrastructure that is as unpredictable as the clouds, it is somewhat ironic that the system of examinations as a means of judging a student’s ability has prevailed through the years. Every person, in their quest for knowledge, would inevitably encounter numerous modes of examinations throughout the course of their academic journey. As much importance has been attached to it in virtually every academic institutions across the globe, the voices of those who lobby for its eradication are seldom heard, let alone be considered seriously. There are various reasons for policymakers to initiate a rethink of the much-vaunted examination system. I am of the opinion that the time has come for us to abolish this system, a system which has come under fire from multiple sections of the community, particularly the students.

As it is, examinations are timed written or oral assessments held at the end of an academic term. It serves to asses a student’s knowledge and comprehension of all the subjects he has studied over the course of the term. Rather than tracking a student’s progress over the course of the term, it judges his/her ability over a handful of written or oral pieces. This is obviously not an accurate indication of one’s progress. Take for example the case of an intelligent and dexterous student who never fails to impress teachers and peers alike in his daily homework and assignments, but fell miserably short of the marks when it comes to the examinations, due to unforeseen circumstances that are not within his influence. These so-called “unforeseen circumstances” might be familial problems that have plunged the pupil into a deep mire of depression. Is it not unfair, then, to tag him as a ‘failure’ and, more crassly, a ‘dim-witted’ learner? As the rigid examination system goes, he would be labeled and remembered for his mediocre results in the examination, and not for the sterling performances he consistently displays in the daily assignments. It does not help that, through many years of societal developments and evolutions, the adults of our world have grossly incorrect mindsets on the topic of examinations. More emphasis is placed on examinations just because they are the sole mode of assessment that counts in the final grading. As much as the general public loves to refute, our society is driven by an extremely judgmental mindset which marginalize those without distinctions or notable achievements in their academic pursuits. It is simply wrong and unjust to base a student’s intelligence and ability on a single examination.

The fact that daily assignments are neglected leaves us with another point to ponder over. If it has come to the student’s realization that pieces of work which are handed out daily are unimportant, won’t he then turn a blind eye to punctuality and accountability? Procrastination,...

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