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Impact of Urban Renewal on the Sydney Suburb of Pyrmont

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Analyse the impact of urban renewal on the Sydney suburb of Pyrmont.

The suburb of Pyrmont on the shores of Sydney Harbour has been transformed by the processes of urban renewal into a thriving cosmopolitan residential area, an efficient and sophisticated business centre, and a popular recreational and tourist hub. Through my own observation of the Pyrmont area, I have seen how the painstaking urban planning efforts for the area have come to fruition, and a focal point of the Harbour foreshore created as a result of this. Pyrmont was established as a suburb of the city of Sydney in 1806, and since then has undergone several periods of dramatic change, in a boom-bust cycle of construction and destruction that has gone on for the…show more content…

In the middle of this boom in 1901, the working population of Pyrmont reached almost 30,000. A year later the Pyrmont Bridge was acquired by the government and rebuilt, with an electric swing span arm that is still in working order today – another sign of the extent of the revolution of Pyrmont.

As well as residential and industrial use, Pyrmont was a recreational area almost as much in its early days as it is now. At Pyrmont point was the Pyrmont Baths, built in 1875, which were a popular swimming venue for many Sydneysiders, in the days when “You could see the bottom, clear as you like”4.
After this initial flourish of Pyrmont in manufacturing, production, trade and freight, the area experienced the effects of urban decay, as Sydney moved on into the 20th century and spatial patterns began to change and industry, as well as people, begun to move elsewhere. The 1950’s saw the move of much heavy industry away from such close proximity to the city centre, with major factories and businesses relocating further up the Parramatta River

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Urban political ecology (UPE), as articulated by Heynen et al., is premised on the refusal to ontologically separate nature and society. The urban becomes representative of an unbounded process of ‘urbanisation’, a complex interplay between ecological, political, and economic processes that produce historically and geographically contingent outcomes. Importantly, it advances a historical conception of nature, and problems in and of nature, that necessarily encompasses the socio-economic conditions of its production. This paper presents research into the formation of urban sustainability policy in Australia that draws on the theoretical insights offered by the UPE approach. Using one of Australia's largest urban regeneration projects as a focus, Pyrmont and Ultimo in Sydney, this paper discusses how the politics and economics of urban change and development framed possibilities of how urban environmental problems were firstly understood and, secondly, how they could be addressed. In doing so, this foreclosed alternative visions of urban policy that do not align with hegemonic forms of socio-economic regulation.

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