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Respecting Elders


As children we must respect our elders at all times. Do not make your parents sad because they are the ones who looked after you when you were small. They sacrificed all their needs to provide our needs and to give us a better future.

Elders are not only your parents, it also means your teachers, grandparents, brothers, sisters or even anyone who you meet on the road, who is elder to you. You must always respect your elders by helping them cross the road, giving them a seat in the bus, sharing your food with them if they are hungry or reading out letters, stories, religious books etc. In any condition, you must never raise your voice against them or argue which will hurt them. You must always talk and greet your elders in a kind and friendly manner which will make their hearts happy.

If you respect your elders you will get the blessings of them which is important for us to have a good future. It is so sad to see some  children ignore their elders by not giving proper respect or care to them. So my dear friends, let’s make this world a better place through
respecting elders.

Ayshamariam Ifhaam
(Grade 5)
Belvoir College Int.

Aging is a part of life and no one can escape this transition. A child grows into an adult and with every passing day age takes a toll on each one of us. It takes many years to earn the kind of experience an elderly person has accumulated over his life span. Therefore we can say that our elders are similar to a guide who can steer us through the tough journey of life, successfully. For this and plenty of other reasons, our elders command our respect. Respect them and if you need more reasons then here are the top 10 reasons to respect your elders.

 10. Learn lessons from their experiences:

It is always in the interest of the younger lot to offer respect to their elders. Just like a soldier fighting a war commands respect from his fellow countrymen for all the ups and down he has overcome, you must respect your elders as they also have seen life closely and are always willing to share their experiences and guide us through. Experiences from their life can act as a torchbearer for us in the long run.

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9. Promote a cultured social setup:

Elders are very important for an equitable growth of society. Any social setup is considered more cultured if its people treat their senior citizens with respect and care. A society devoid of blessings from its senior people surely runs down the drain in absence of any guidance. All energy and no experience could act a source of conflict in the society leading to a complete chaos and anarchy.

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8. Elders are transistors of moral values:

Elders are very important in the busy world of today where most of the married couples are working. It results in no time for their kids which end up swayed in wrong direction in absence of right teachings. It is therefore imperative to have elders in your family so that our future generation grows up with required moral value and knowledge of culture.

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7. We all are bound to see old age:

It is very important that our young generation knows what aging is like and should be aware that aging is the harsh reality of life. Only lucky people reach that part of life. We should be caring towards them and must know that one day we would be old too. Hopefully, when we get old the others show same kindness and concern towards us.

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6. Seek the blessings of the elders:

We should never forget this truth that it is just because of our elders that we are enjoying our life on this planet. It takes nothing to thank our elders every now and then and add sense of dignity into their, perhaps eventless, lives. A small thanking gesture could add huge energy into their weakening bones. A blessing from them could lead us to new highs.

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5. Elderly are carriers of culture and tradition:

Elders are like the trees of wisdom. Therefore it is very important to preserve their wisdom and pass on to the next generation so that the continuity remains intact. It is always fruitful to allow the culture to pass on from one generation to other in its purest form so that our society remains enriched in values.

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4. Serving the elderly inculcates a sense of gratitude:

Helping a needy elder is always satisfying and feeds one with a sense of gratitude. There is no better feeling than carrying their basket full of groceries from the market to their place. This endeavor of yours could win you respect in their eyes and ultimately in those of the society.

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3. Framing country policies:

One of the most important point that stresses upon the need of keeping elders happy and being in their good books is that they could help the administration of our country in drafting and framing new policies. As they are well versed with the ground realities of the country, their experience is valuable in coming up with new rules of co-existence with energizing thoughts from the youngsters.

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2. Elders are like children who need complete care:

It is a basic rule of humanity to help the weak. And while we do take care of our children, we sometimes forget that even our elderly citizens are like children whose care and wellbeing is our responsibility. How would it look to see an elderly struggling in his aloofness without human touch and proper care? The picture looks dismal; don’t let this become reality.

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1. It is our moral duty to look after the elderly:

Most importantly, it is your moral duty to respect your elders without strings attached. Any deviation from the rule can act as a deterrent to your peaceful stay in the civilized society. Elderly people enjoy rights in the constitution of every country and any misappropriate engagement with them can result in invitation to criminal sentence from the court of law.

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