Bw330 Case Study

Bio-data of participants who attended the Zimbabwe PHILA review workshop, Harare, 13-14 December 2005

Fiyado Charamba

I am a seasoned farmer growing maize, groundnuts, bambara nuts, finger millet, pearl millet, beans, cowpeas. I also have a garden where I grow wheat, onions, cabbage and spinach. I have been growing these crops for 21 years and I sell grain to GMB. I live in Buhera Ward 4, under the Mbire kraal, near the Buhera District Offices, the GMB and the hospital. I wish things remained so good with our local extension staff training us in agriculture. I think we could survive for many years. Thank you.

Ndiri murimi wamakore namakoi ndinorina chigage nzungu nyimo zviyo mhunga Binzi nyemba huye gadeni, koroni, ononi, kabage, spinachi.
Ini Fiyada Charamba ndarima Makore akawanda 21years ndichima zvose izuoz vo ndichimsa ku GMB. Saka ndiri murimi ndino gara MuBuhera ward 4 Mut Buku Ma Mbire chikoro Ndichikuwire School Box 19 Buhera.
Ndinogara pado neBuhera office ne GMB, hispolali ndinotenda kuti dayi zvaramba zvakadaro tidzidziswa kurima nevarimisi vedu kupfunga kungu tingararama kwamakore akawanda
Ndalenda hangu
Ndini Fiyada Charamba
Murimu Mukuru MuBuhera.

Address: Box 19 Buhera
Tel: 021-2557

Sarudzai Chiputu

I come from Buhera. I am 26 years old and a new farmer in my area. I am in a family of seven, five boys and two girls but now we are five as two have died. I am interested in farming. During my spare time I used to sew clothes for my kids. I will be very glad if I get more education from outside the country especially on farming. I am interested in growing crops like maize, pumpkins, ground & round nuts and also vegetables in my garden. I got pregnant soon after school but later got divorced from my husband, so am now staying with my parents in Buhera. That is where I am supporting my kids. I have got two boys, one is four years and the other is two years. My ambition is to support my children so that they can have a better future. I think this is all about my life. Thank you.

Address: Neritanga Sec School, PBag 604, Buhera
Tel: 021-2557

Onismo Chiwaridzo

I come from the Zvimba Rural Areas of Mashonaland Province in Zimbabwe. I am a qualified agricultural technocrat, holding a Diploma in Agriculture and am also currently an undergraduate BSc Agriculture Management Degree with Zimbabwe Open University (ZOU). I am currently employed as a production officer at the Grain Marketing Board in Buhera District. I am happily married with two kids, a boy and a girl. I am a PHILA member based in Buhera.

Address: Box 13 Buhera
Tel: 021 2513
Mobile: 011529108

Oliver Gundani

I am not currently attached to any organisation. My areas of interest/expertise include: participatory planning, M & E and gender; natural resource management; agricultural market linkages development and support. I hold a Post Grad Diploma in Agric for rural development, and a Diploma in Participatory Gender Sensitive Planning

Tel: 020 62695
Mobile: 091902522

Karsto Kwazira

I am 40 years old. I am employed as the Acting Chief Crop Specialists/ Maize Agronomist of the Department of Research & Agriculture Services, Ministry of Agriculture. I am involved in management and lead a group of crop specialists (subject matter specialists) in their day to day running of their subject matters. I am also the co-ordinator of the national maize variety testing programme. I am interested in all research and on farm trials where smallholder farmers are actively involved.

E-mail: or
Tel: 704531

Angeline Pedzisayi Madenyika

Born in 1967 on the 20th of July. I did my primary education at Mukurumbira Pimary School Mufakose, Harare from 1974 to 1980 and then did my secondary education at Mufakose High I from 1981 to 1984 in Harare. I obtained a Certificate in Agriculture at Mlezu Institute of Agriculture from 1987 to 1989. I have been employed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, AREX department as an agricultural extension worker since 1990. I have worked in Mashona Central province, Mazowe district from 1990 to 1996 and now I am in Manicaland province Buhera district since 1997.

Address: Box 50 Buhera
Tel: 021 2557

Tawanda T. Mapanda

I have worked as an agricultural extension officer since Nov 1999 in Binga district. I hold a Bachelor of Agriculture Science honours degree majoring Agriculture Education and Extension, a Diploma in Agriculture, and a Certificate in Agriculture. I worked in remote areas of Binga for four years before moving to Binga Centre.

Address: AREX Box 19, Binga
Tel/Fax: +263 15 239
Mobile: +263 11 763 870

Elimon Maponde

I work as the Crop Executive Officer for Zimbabwe Farmer Union (ZFU). I am 46 years old and hold a Diploma in Agriculture from Chibero and a BSc in Agriculture Management from ZOU. I worked under AREX (then the Department of Agricultural Extension) for 22 years as an agricultural extensions officer and for 2 years as a provincial agronomist. My main duties included farmer training in crop production and post harvest handling techniques, marketing, production of technical fact sheets and notes covering crop production, general extension advice. In June 2004, I joined ZFU as the Crops Executive Officer, My duties include farmer mobilisation, training in crop management, lobbying for viable inputs and producer prices, carrying out crop research and demonstrations and representing farmers interests. My contribution to PHILA is through: awareness campaigns; mobilisation of farmers; training of farmers in post harvest management techniques; production of technical materials; lobbying to government on behalf of farmers.

Tel: 251861-7
Mobile: 011864623

Tendai Marage

I am 40 years old and single. I am an administration and human resources officer with the Buhera rural district council. I hold a Diploma in Local Government Administration

Address: P Bag 2002, Murambinda, Buhera, Zimbabwe
Tel: 0212233
Cell: 011771852


Lungowe Sepo Marongwe (Mrs)

I work as an extension subject matter specialist for the Crop Production Branch of the Department of Agricultural Research and Extension, Ministry of Agriculture, Harare, Zimbabwe. I specialise in small grains (sorghum, pearl and finger millet), and co-ordinate the conservation agriculture activities.

Mobile: +263 (0)91 735060
Office: +263 (0)4 704531-9


Monica Masunda

I stay in Buhera North, Ward 4. I grow maize, groudnuts and I get a lot of agricultural advice from our extension staff; Mrs Madenyika and Mr. B. Musendo. I have been farming for 15 years and I have two children who assist me. I get high yields and I am able to sell some of my maize, groundnuts and sorghum to GMB. From 2003 to 2005 we have not had any fertiliser but we will not stop farming. Our major agricultural constraint is the lack of fertilisers. We are getting seed in good time.

Ndinogara muBuhera North muWard 4 address yangu inonzi Chikuvire School Box 19 Buhera.
Ndinorima chibage ne Nzungu zuikuru zvinorimiswa nevarimisi vedu vonoti Mrs Madenyika na va B. Masendo kurima uku, ndave ne makore gumi ne ma Shanu ndichirima ndine vana vanondibatsira vaviri asi ndino wana gowho rakakura chose kubva mumunda mangu ndinoto kwanisa kuendesa ku GMB chibage ne Nzungu ne Mapfunde.
Chinhu choti dzosera mumashure pakurima kushaya ma Fetllerizaza mbeu tiri kuiwa na ne ugua. Saka kubva 2003 kusui ka 2005 Hatina ma fetlleiza zvachose asi kurima hatirege.

Address: Chikuvire School, Box 19 Buhera
Tel: 021 2557

Norman Mhazo (Mr.)

I hold a BSc degree in Agronomy from the University of Zimbabwe, and an MSc degree in Agricultural Engineering, from Silsoe College, Cranfield University. I have worked as a research agronomist with SADC – ICRISAT on the Sorghum and Millet Improvement Programme, and as a mechanisation extension officer with the Ministry of Agriculture of the Government of Zimbabwe. I am currently employed by the University of Zimbabwe where I teach undergraduate courses in Farm Power and Agricultural Mechanisation and conduct research into agro-processing technology, energy and animal traction.

Mobile: +263 (0)11417453

Vusumuzi Moyo

I am a district agricultural extension officer. I coordinate agricultural development and extension programmes in Binga district, one of the underdeveloped districts in the country, where I have worked for 10 years now. The main thrust of our work is on improving production to ensure that there is food security a household level, I have also been involved in the implementation of some post-harvest research projects. I hold the following qualifications: Diploma in Agriculture (Gwebi); Diploma in Management Development programme (NUST); and am a 4th year BScAM (ZOU) student.

Address: AREX Box 19 Binga
Tel/Fax: +263 15 239
Mobile: +263 11 763 869

Shillah Mpenyu

I am the district coordinator for Natural Farming Network (NFN) in Buhera. I am involved in: conservation farming; farmer field schools; drip irrigation; seed fairs; livestock fairs; and herbal gardens. Our mandate as an organisation is to promote sustainable agriculture thereby enhancing food security in Zimbabwe

Tel: 02342005

Augustine Mpofu

I am employed by the Food Science and Post Harvest Technology Department of Chinhoyi University of Technology, where I work as the Chairman of Department Lecture /Research Scientist. I hold the following qualifications and awards: MSc Post Harvest Technology; BSc Hons Applied Biochemistry; UNESCO MICERN Award in Food Biotechnology. The main research areas I am involved in are: fruit and vegetable technology; fermentation technology; food microbiology; post-harvest technology.

E-mail: or
Tel: +263 (0)11868204

Mutsa Muchemwa

I am an agriculturalist based at the Institute of Agricultural Engineering in Hatcliffe Harare and have worked for the Department of Agricultural Engineering and Technical Services of the Ministry of Agriculture, Zimbabwe since Jan 2004. My qualifications include a :Post-graduate diploma in Education (ZOU) 2001; BSc in Agriculture Honours in Crop Science from the University of Zimbabwe (1993). My main duties are research and development of appropriate post harvest technologies, advisory and extension services to farmers. I am currently working on tobacco, cotton post harvest and processing of agroforestry plants.

Tel: 860019/ 860055
Mobile: 011791532

Lewis Muhwati

I am employed by EcoMed Group of Companies as Export Business Manager, and have also been responsible for product development, registrations and technical backup since 1992. I hold a Bachelor of Technology in Environmental Health, and am currently studying for IMM Diploma in Marketing.

EcoMed is made up of three companies - EcoMark - for marketing and distribution of environmental health products - pesticides for mosquito and tsetse vector control, insecticides used in post harvest as grain protectants, insecticides for general public health pest control and disinfectants and detergents, Coopers - for marketing and distribution of animal heath products in terms of acaricides, antihelminthics, detergents and disinfectants and EcoMed Manufacturing which is the factory for both EcoMark and Coopers.

Address: P O Box 2699, Harare, Zimbabwe.
Telephone: +263 4 620191-5
Mobile: +263 11605844

Basil B. Musenao

I am a diploma holder in the Ministry of Agriculture. I currently work for the Department of Agricultural Engineering in Buhera district as the district research technician. I have been involved workshops and case studies at district level as a PHILA member. I am a product of Chibero Agricutural College and I was attached at Nyadura farm in Concession were I automatically became the farm manager running horticulture and agronomic crops. In Buhera where the projects are being run, I participate fully in the organisation and planning of workshops case studies and sampling of the treatments. Socially I am well balanced with a strong Christian background. I was tempted not to disclose my marital status since I have plans for marrying next year (2006). In a nutshell, I wish all PHILA members to continue with the same spirit of oneness and collaborating at whatever level so as to provide service that our bosses who are the farmers want. Conclusively let me say to all my country men, let me encourage you to hold fast knowing that God is above every situation. God Bless you abundantly above your expectations.

Address: Box 50 Buhera
Tel: 023 2557

Laimon Mutale Kasolo

I am 37 years old, and have worked as an agricultural trainer for 17 years, currently with Kulima Mbobumi Training Centre in Binga. I hold a certificate in Agriculture. My duties include training of farmers in: crop production e.g. maize, cotton ,sorghum and millet; animal production cattle and small stock; soil and water conservation; vegetable production; and follow-up on pass-on the goat gift programme. I also liase with other stakeholders. My hobbies include: reading agricultural newsletters; playing snooker (pool); swimming; and listening to music.

Address P Bag 5716 Binga
Tel: 015 484

Godfrey Mutsago

I am a journalist.

Tel: 726404


Stephen S. Muzamba

I am a 50 years old master farmer from Binga district. I grow maize, cotton and groundnuts. I have got a well which I dug myself about 3 ½ metres deep which is on the extend and need the assistance of any interested parties. I am also involved in conservation programmes. I completed Grade Seven at school and have also attended a cotton training in Kadoma. (Thay) Thank you

Address: Nagangala Pr School, P O Box 80, Binga


Brighton Mvumi

Researcher and Lecturer in Post-harvest Science & Technology and Pesticides and the Environment at University of Zimbabwe since 2000.
BSc Hons Agriculture (Crop Science), University of Zimbabwe
MPhil. Agriculture (Post-harvest Science & Technology), University of Zimbabwe
PhD Stored Product Entomology, Natural Resources Institute, University of Greenwich
Zimbabwean with more than 15 years experience working in the agricultural sector with a focus on food security and the crop post-harvest sub-sector, 10 of which were with the Ministry of Agriculture as a crop post-harvest specialist, before joining the University of Zimbabwe in 2000. Have special interest in crop storage and the use of integrated pest management techniques including the use of inert dusts, synthetic insecticides, biopesticides, natural enemies, and resistant cultivars. Practical experience in participatory technology development (mainlining communities) and sustainable livelihood approaches. Strong background in multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary teamwork. Have been involved in a number of post-harvest collaborative research and development projects in Eastern and Southern Africa during the past nine years. Have been engaged in several community-based consultancies as an agricultural specialist, in a livelihood framework.

Mobile: +263 (0)91419983

Judicate Naftal Mwanga

Mr. Judicate Naftal Mwanga was born at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro. He joined Uyole Training Institute to study for a Diploma in Animal Production, he then studied BSc and MSc degrees in Agricultural Economics at Sokoine University of Agriculture in Morogoro. He has also attended several courses in different areas of socio-economics both within the country and abroad. He is married, and a father to two daughters.
Currently Mr Mwanga is a Senior Scientist in the Socio-economics Research department based in the Semi-arid Central zone of Tanzania. He is the head of the socio-economics and information management department at Mpwapwa Agricultural Research Institute. He is experienced in participatory approaches, livelihood models, innovation systems, knowledge management, natural resource management, seed systems, participatory monitoring and evaluation for impact, and local knowledge systems. He is computer literate, acquainted with MS-office, SPSS and STATA; competent on rigorous analytical models e.g. Logit, Tobit, and Probit, and institutional analytical frame work. He is a seasoned field based socio-economist, and has been part and parcel of multi-cultural, multi-disciplinary, multi-institutional and regional teams. He is a member of the Agricultural Economics Society of Tanzania (AGREST) and INADES Formation Tanzania.

He has offered a number of consultancy services to several organisations both as a facilitator and a researcher. He has been: the team leader for Local Indigenous Knowledge and Agro-biodiversity research programme commissioned by FAO-LInKS project in 2003; the team leader of the DFID-CPHP-PHILA comparative analysis case study between public service providers and farmer centred organisations (PSPs versus FCOs) ways of working with farmers; a facilitation consultant to Tanzania Agricultural Research Project (TARP II-SUA) on livelihood models, gender analysis and PRA techniques in 2004; a consultant to the Participatory Agricultural Development and Empowerment Project (PADEP) on participatory approaches, involved in the preparation and appraisal of sub-projects; a facilitator at the DFID-CPP regional monitoring and evaluation workshop held at Muslim university, Morogoro in 2005.

Mobile: +255 (0)748 461354 or +255 (0)744 613367
Office: +255 (0)26 2320853

Felex Ncube

I am 30 years old, and work as an agricultural extensionist for AREX in Binga district. I hold a Diploma in Agriculture, a Cotton Production Certificate and a Seed Multiplication Course. My duties involve farmer training in: dryland crop production – cotton, maize sorghum, millet; irrigated crop production – maize, paprika, sugar beans; animal Husbandry – sheep, goats, cattle and poultry products. I am also involved in: project identification and implementation; intermediating between farmers and any other stakeholders NGOs and private sectors; and soil and water conservation.

Address: AREX Box 19 Binga


Pheneas Ncube

I am a 59 year old farmer, and have been recognised as an advanced master farmer for the last 20 years particularly because of my skills in animal husbandry, farm management and leadership. I have also worked as a salesman for 20 years. (ID 79-068242-Q-06)

Address: Timbe high school, P Bag 2 Kamativi


Champion S. Ndlovu

I was born in 1959 in Binga. I am a big farmer growing maize and cotton.

Ndili mwalumi wakazwalya 1959 ndala zwalilwa mubboma lya Binga. Ndili mulimi mupati ndilima. Zipoka a kotoni kandilanga atuka mukotoni sikawuti ndila kandili kwa Siabuwa

Address: Malube school, Box131, Binga, Siabuwa


Elijah Nyakudya

I am a lecturer and researcher with the University of Zimbabwe, Department of Agricultural Engineering, I hold the following qualifications MSc Food Process Engineering and BSc Honours Degree in Agricultural Engineering. My areas of interest are food processing technologies.

Tel: 011863052

Thembinkosi Siziba

I am a Senior Science Technician at the University of Zimbabwe and PT Polytechnic Chemistry Lecturer at Harare Polytechnic, with interests in Post-Harvest Technologies Research, Water Quality Analysis, Environmental Analytical Science and Soil Science Analysis, providing the technical expertise to research students and academic staff at the university. My qualifications include: MSc Analytical Chemistry-results pending, Diploma in Applied Chemical Technology, Certificate in Science Technology, International Diploma in Teaching and Training and Further Education Teachers' Certificate.

Mobile: 011720017

Zwanyadza Soroti

I work in the Livelihoods Society Unit of the Catholic Relief Services in Zimbabwe. The unit’s main aim is to improve food security and mitigate HIV and AIDS at household level. My major contributions to the team, are in agricultural input distribution, drip irrigation and mushroom production. I am also involved in capacity building of partner and extension staff and beneficiaries. I have also worked as a lecturer for more than eight years, at various colleges of agriculture and universities.

Mobile: +263 (0)4 791664

Tanya Stathers

Tanya is a post harvest/ integrated pest management (IPM) specialist employed by the UKs Natural Resources Institute. She has >12 years experience developing and promoting IPM technologies, including diatomaceous earths as grain protectants, use of the farmer field school approach, cultural control methods, entomopathogenic fungi, pheromones, natural enemies, and resistant cultivars. Her recent work has focused on innovation systems, access to information and service provision. She has a practical background in multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary teamwork, and the use of participatory methodologies to identify and manage agricultural needs in disaggregated rural communities. She has worked on long term assignments in Tanzania and Papua New Guinea and on short term assignments in Uganda, Kenya, Zimbabwe, and South Africa. Her mother tongue is English and she speaks good Swahili and French, and basic PNG Pidgin. She is currently living and working in Tanzania, and is married with one young daughter.

E-mail: and
Mobile: +255 (0)744 459409

Patisiwe E.M. Zaba (Mrs)

I am 26 years old, and married with 2 children. I am an animal specialist with the Department of Agricultural Engineering, Institute of Agricultural Engineering P O Box BW 330, Borrowdale, Harare, Zimbabwe. I hold a BSc Hons in Animal science UZ, my main research area is the handling of agricultural products especially animal products.

Tel: +263 11 734606
Mobile: +263 91 412 772

Hopewell Gift Zheke

I am employed as an agriculture and food security manager by the Catholic Relief Services of Zimbabwe. I am involved in the promotion of sustainable agriculture projects that address food and nutrition concerns, orphans and other vulnerable groups in the society

Tel: +263 (0)4 736740
Mobile: +263 (0)91286796



SAP Education offers a new certification called: C_TBW60_74 – SAP Certified Application Associate – Modeling and Data Management with SAP BW 7.4

This certification covers the following topics:

  • InfoObjects and InfoProviders
  • Data Flow
  • Source Systems & Data Extraction
  • Data Modeling
  • Administration and Performance
  • Data Warehouse Architecture

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Compared to the previous certifications on BW Backend there are the following changes:

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  • No more BusinessObjects related topics included like Information Design Tool
  • Modeling and Administration combined into one certification

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Keep in mind, that this certification is for classical BW only. This does not cover BW on HANA usecase.

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Please also check my post: NEW: Business Intelligence with SAP BW 7.4 & SAP BI 4.1 – SAP Certified Application Associate

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