Business Studies Gcse Coursework Edexcel Exam

We have listened to feedback from all parts of the international school education community, including a large number of teachers and a number of universities both internationally and in the UK.

Our International Advanced Subsidiary and Advanced Level Business has been developed to be engaging for international learners and to give them the necessary skills to support progression to higher education or further study in Business, as well as to a wide range of other subjects

Key qualification features:

  • Reflects today’s global world – students develop an understanding of current global issues that impact on business, preparing them for their next steps in today’s global world. 
  • Development of quantitative skills – students develop these skills throughout the content of the course and are required to apply these skills to relevant business contexts within the assessment.
  • Helps develop a holistic understanding of business – the assessment culminates with a final paper that draws on the knowledge and skills students developed from Units 1, 2 and 3.


Head of Department:  Ms K Watts

Second in Department:  Mrs M Panayi

Teacher of Business Studies:  Miss Ellis – KS5 Vocational Coordinator

Teacher of Business Studies:  Mr C Walsh



1. To achieve academic excellence in all business exams and to promote a learning environment that allows leaners to secure expected to good progress.

2. To create link with classroom learning to the wider business world.

3. To promote independent learning through student led activities and also with the use of external resources to embed the learning objectives of each lesson.



Key Stage 4 – All Business courses are following the Edexcel Specification


Year 9: Getting to grips with Business

A general introduction to Business for year 9 students. It involves an independent project and lessons which build the foundation for the GCSE course. This is the new GCSE business course. Two exams at the end of Year 11.


Follow this link for more information


GCSE Edexcel Business Studies – Course Code 2BS01 [Old Course]

Year 10 Modules: Unit 1 Introduction to Business, Unit 2 Controlled Assessment

Year 11 Modules: Unit 3 Building a Business


Follow this link for more information


Post 16 / Key Stage 5. Click on each link to more information


Edexcel Level 3 BTEC in Business Subsidiary Diploma [Last year of Old Course]

Edexcel Level 3 BTEC in Business Certificate 90 Credit Diploma [Last Year of Old Course]


OCR Cambridge Technical in Business Level 2 and Level 3 [New Course, 2016 Suite]


Edexcel AS and A level Business. [New Course]


Textbooks used

Edexcel GCSE Business: Introduction to Small Business student book Alain Anderton & Ian Gunn - ISBN 978 – 1 -8469 – 0496 – 7 [Old Course]


Edexcel GCSE: Building A Business Students Book Alain Anderton & Andrew Malcolm - ISBN 978 – 1 – 84690 - 497 – 4 [Old Course]


Revise Edexcel GCSE Business Revision Guide – Pearson – ISBN – 978-1-4469-0373-5 (this can be bought via parent pay) [Old Course]


Revise Edexcel GCSE Business Revision Workbook – Pearson – ISBN – 978-1-4469-0376-6 [Old Course]


BTEC Level 3 Business Level 3 Book 1 John Bevan - ISBN 978 –1– 846906–34–3[Old Course]


Edexcel AS/A Level Business – Dave Hall Et al – ISBN – 978-1-4479-8354-5 [New Course]


Cambridge technical Level 3 Business (Cambridge technical 2016) Bayley et al – ISBN - 978-1471874796 [New Course]




The Business department has an open door policy to review, refined and retune learning and understanding of business knowledge and learning objectives.


We as a department focus our attention to external examination classes and offer additional support clinics to support learner’s academic performance and outcomes. This is embedded into the schools and department ethos of academic excellence. All learners are issued with examination packs for independent learning and to prepare for all exams based on past exams papers.


School Trips

The business department organises numerous school trips during the summer term and this could vary from the Bank of England to a visit to the Olympic Village in Stratford for KS4 business. KS5 trips vary and are planned in association with Teach First.




Provide links to useful subject specific websites for students at home with a brief outline of what they offer and how students can use these websites to consolidate and improve their understanding of the learning objectives in your subject.


All business studies students should actively access reputable sources for current news












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