Re Construction Its Now Or Never Case Study

Case 2. R. E. CONSTRUCTION: It’s Now or NeverProblem:In this case study, I found the following problems arising:1. Whether Engineer Estabillo will employ additional four civil engineers ona full time basis; and2. Engr. Estabillo’s apprehension that he might become ineFcient if hehires additional workers.Reasons leading to the problem:Engr. Estabillo’s business is growing bigger and he felt that there is already aneed to employ four more additional civil engineers. However, he is apprehensive inmaking such decision. This is because he believes that since he manages all of hissubordinates, he might become ineFcient in leading his business if he adds morepeople on it. Also, perhaps he thinks that hiring of additional workers meansadditional payroll.Suggested solutions to the problem:1. Engr. Estabillo should think very deeply if the hiring of four additional civilengineers is really a need for his business.

Arianne S. Sioson ES 108 BSEnE – V July 8, 2015 Title: Case 2. R. E. CONSTRUCTION: It’s Now or Never Problem: Engr. Estabillo cannot decide whether to employ additional four civil engineers on a full time basis or he will bear all the additional responsibilities in his growing construction firm. What leads to the problem: Engr. Estabillo felt that his business is continuously growing that he needs to secure the services of four additional civil engineers on a full time basis, because he is directly supervising all the operations and he feels that he may not be able to perform his functions effectively. But when he reviewed his company’s payroll, he realizes he already employs a number of personnel. He may be thinking that an additional personnel means additional payroll, that’s why is unease is making decision. Suggested Solutions: a) Engr. Estabillo should not rush himself to hire more services from civil engineers when he knows in himself that he’s not sure if he can handle or not the additional responsibilities. He have to make sure first if he and his worker can handle the things

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